**** DONE: F4U-1D Corsair USNASLVK - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Thanks guys.......... Thought I would just drop in for a bit, got the centre section attached, horiz stabs attached as well. Everything else is painted. So I will do my final checks for the fuselage that everything is complete and then paint that. My spray can is getting close to empty, fingers crossed!

I am rather excited about this one. Am finding it's just a matter of getting used to the order of doing bits. Just making sure one thing at a time is done, checking of that list. Like a roll of TP and magazine next to the toilet, eh Vic. Can't wait to get back on Merlin's Magic, the 32nd scale one, I think I'm ready to tackle some of the stuff I was puting off.

More tomorrow, I think.
Thank yous again..........

Got the fuselage painted this afternoon and have put a few things in place. The only things I did not dry fit before hand were the rockets. I wish I had cuz I woulda shortened the fins as they touch now.

Tomorrow if I am not wrking I will stick a few things together.
Now the decals...... anyone know a custom decal maker???????


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Don't know any custom decal makers Bill. Mike Grant used to do this but not anymore. What do you need?

There's a guy who does custom masks but I can't think of the name right now.
Yep, they were folded with ordnance..... here's one.
Unfortunately the smallest mask I would need, for under the canopy is about 2.6mm tall. I did get the engine and cowlings all glued up, prop is a little skewiff so I will have to alter the hole.
Have to work today so Finishing the plane will have to wait till tomorrow.
Finish will come when I get decals applied.


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Doin' a great job on that Bill. I think it's going to be your best yet.


Bill: We did have a decal maker here in Oz, I used him some years back but I'm not sure if he is still around. I'll do a search sometime today and let you know.

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