**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47N - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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so i am waiting for interior paint, i'm bent on using SMS Aussie paint!
Thought I would fit the guns in the wings, but only One done!
Seams like the insert is a bit thin...................... so...
it's shallow of the wing surface, I have some verrrry thin PVC strip.
Glued a strip to the barrel cover, then filed and sanded to skin ht.
What it looks like now on the leading edge, muuuuuch better!
Now the Other wing. BTW, I have metal barrels is why I drilled out the stubby one!!
GB56 32.jpgGB56 33.jpgGB56 34.jpgGB56 35.jpg
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Got the base green of the cockpit down,
been laying low, arm in it's sling, doing light chores.
Thanks guys, just seems like it all lingers.
Psoriasis is getting the best of me. Can't believe the fall I took can cause it to get like this. Antihistamines just don't do a thing to ease the itch!!!
But I did get some of the detail painting done in the cockpit.
Weathering and highlights maybe day after tomorrows CT scan of me shoulder,
GB56 38.jpg

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