**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47N - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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That's looking great Bill, and I really hope you get some relief soon, as I know exactly how you must feel.
I've been in bed all day, trying to get some rest and relief from the pain, especially in my upper arms, which feel like they're being crushed in a vice !
Struggled thru the cockpit today.
Got the Bl00dy Sh!t thing to fit.
Always have probs with resin pits!!!!!
Gunsight to go in and paint the inside of the fuselage.
GB56 39.jpg

Sorry for the bad photo.
Still layin low onner. But have had to do some carpentry in the yard in prep for some new steps up a slippery slope in the front off the median strip. Driveway is just getting too steep for the both of us. It's all torn up now. Found 8 beer bottle dated 1961 in the bottoms, fill, under the planter coming out where the stairs will go.

I am getting closer to buttoning up the fuselage.
GB56 45.jpg
And have done the legs and added brake lines.
GB56 46.jpg
Still can't sleep all night. Been given the okay from Dr. "Odd Job" tho.

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