**** DONE: GB-58 1/48 F6F-3N - Night Fighters all Eras

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
User name: N4521U
First name: Bill
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Uduard #827 main kit & Hobby Boss # 8.340 parts.
Model type: F6F-3N
Extras: Yes........... Scratch, always, where?.
Custom decals. 3D in the cockpit. Resin wheels.

I'll be using two kits, Eduard 1/48th F6F-3 for the quality of the kit.
Hobby Boss F6F-3N not just for the ra-dome, but it has some better details, annnnd it was cheap!

Seems the HB kit has engine mounts, fire wall, oil tank etc. But when buttoned up it's all covered?!
EDU kit is just the old lump mounted engine. Wondering if I can transplant? Both seem to have nice engines.
Cutting panels out is my bidness!!!!! I feel FUN coming on.

My choice of course is a Yorktown F6F-3N, CV-10. Yorktown did not have their own dedicated Night Fighters but VF-76(N) had a Detachment
aboard from September, 1943 until May, 1944 & VF-77(N) May to June 1944.
I will be using a VF-76(N) as my example. The artwork example side codes are way put of scale, I've used actual photo for my decals.
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I'm right behind ya! Will be posting in a bit, but I have the 'sister' to this, Eduard F6F-5N (kit 84133). Looks like we will have different coloring's though? I thought, with my Tamiya/Vallejo stash I would have a color that would work for both interior and exterior. Wrong. I have to pick up a couple of jars of Mr Hobby to get a match close enough for both. Will be watching, and learning.
First real build post, yes already the fun has started.
Making engine choices. Thought I would illustrate the differences.
EDU is dark grey and HobBoss is light grey plastic. Engine seems to be most diff.

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