**** DONE: GB-58 1/48 F6F-3N - Night Fighters all Eras

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So it's time I got to scratchin! Bit of a nightmare me thinks.
bill is that it's what you have to be so meticulous with your work that you have to do it perfect as you always show us...
Yes............................ and it begins.
I want to use the better seat from the HB kit, Ed's sucks!
Left is the armour back plate, Ed (L) and HB )R).
So I have made one to fit the Ed fuselage.
Will use the ED top headrest armour plate
and the HB seat, its a bit more detailed
and not a Whole lot bigger then aftermarket seat.
I will do some mod from the HB floor.
The beat goes on.
Thanks for looking in, annnnd all the comments!!!!
So today I filled the cavity in the fuselage at the flaps.
I used 2mm thick styrene, made wedges and glued them in.
I then filed and sanded them down
and now the cavity is filled ans smooth.
I had to replace the seat, just too big!!
Added some more goodies, both side panels,
stick, throttle box, odds and ends.
Have pre-fit the IP, peddles and other stuff.
On and on.

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