GB 17 what are you thinking

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Jul 10, 2007
Virginia Beach, Va.
I was going to do a balsa/tissue "Bird-dog" for this GB, but I think I will sit this one out. I still have two abuilding on the bench.



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Oct 1, 2012
Man. Look at everyone starting already and I'm still on camp. Geo

I"m in the same position, still got the P47 on the bench and will be for several weeks yet unless I can fit some more time in. I still intend to enter the 'Storch' ( I might put up the start of the thread soon even later today) unsure of category yet but fingers crossed it will be there we've got till the end of May to complete so hopefully should be ok.


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Aug 21, 2006
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Here's the one that I have in mind Vic, 16.11.41, Tr.St.Fl.F. Nord, Ju 52/3m, 5974, P4+CH..
MIA on its way from Rovaniemi to Kirkenes..


(F) Fw. Rudolf Pesneck MIA
(Bf) Uffz. Wilhelm Klotz MIA
(Bs) Ogefr. Wilhelm Grunewald MIA
(Bf) Ogefr. Josef Rex MIA
In addition, 10 men from Lw. Baubatl. 3/IV is posted as missing.

Any idea what her code might have looked like?


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Aug 21, 2006
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Just seeing if I can get some inspiration for another bird fitting into GB... :lol:

Uffz. Heinz Antoni, 2(H)/10 Fw 189A "VX + NB" (lost 2/13/43), MIA 13 February, 1943 in Russia, Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 9955. His Observer, Oblt Hans Kraft, and a remaining unnamed crewmember, also MIA.

Fw. Christian Christiansen, Nahaufkl.Gr. 3, Fw 189A-1, W. Nr. 2236, "5D + HM" (lost 1/8/43) Observer Operational Clasp, MIA 8 January 1943 at Ono-Nowosokolniki due to enemy fire. The remaining unnamed crew also MIA.

Fw. Ernst Döring, 4(H)/31, Fw 189A-1 W. Nr. 0087 "5D + FM", (lost 7/21/41), MIA 21 July, 1941 at Jablonitzy Russia, probably due to flak. His unnamed crew were also MIA.

Edit: Came across this while looking for Fw 189's...
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Aug 1, 2011
Will someone do the Fw-58 I remember reading of a harasement unit on the Eastern front that used the Fw 58 and painted crazy animal faces on their noses :D

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