GB-56 1/48 P-38 F/G - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Hey, All,
I finally finished all the seams work and got the bird primed with Mr Surfacer Black 1500. I then spent some time getting silver down. Lastly has been doing some "basing" prior to the Neutral Gray and OD going on.


  • Bottom Rear Pre Shading.jpg
    Bottom Rear Pre Shading.jpg
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  • Gun Bay Seams Lft.jpg
    Gun Bay Seams Lft.jpg
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  • Gun Bay Seams Rgt.jpg
    Gun Bay Seams Rgt.jpg
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  • Top Bottom Pre Shading.jpg
    Top Bottom Pre Shading.jpg
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  • Top Front Pre Shading.jpg
    Top Front Pre Shading.jpg
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I have the 1st coat of gray and green down. There will be much more to come. I hope the variance in the paint comes through in the pictures. I am estimating several more light coats and then some upper surface fading. Then comes the chipping and dirtying her up with and, and, and more sand.


  • Bottom 1st coat.jpg
    Bottom 1st coat.jpg
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