GB-56 1/48 P-38 F/G - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Not much work the last couple of days. I rescued a Male dachshund on the 23rd so my time hs been spent on him and getting him settled in.


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I have not posted in weeks. Forgive me on that. I had to return the rescue Dachshund to the rescue as he was VERY dog aggressive. However, there is a new canine in my life. A friend needed to re-home their 9 month old AKC Lab. So, I have a 70lb "puppy" in my life. Henry had little to no obedience training and that has taken up a couple of weeks. He is doing much better. I still need to work on his loose leash walking and the recall thing ("Come").
Now that Henry is under better control I am back on the P-38 in earnest. I finally got all the basic exterior color on. Only mistake I made was not installing the turbo "skins". Working on that later today. Overall, I am happy with the paint work to date.
Thanks for stopping in.


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Hey, all,
Life has been busy. I am lagging in my progress on the P-38 especially given the due date of 5 Mar. I started on the chipping around the cockpit and the leading edges. I use liquid frisket and a sponge to apply it over the silver. For the cockpit area it has been slow and patient to get the chipping I have done to this point. I cannot find any decent pics of the subject regarding chipping so I am taking a bit of artistic license there. I have her sealed up with Pledge and letting the last coat dry. Next will be decals, then the "dirtier her up with sand washes" and panel lining. Then all the damned fiddly bits to finish the kit up.
Thanks for stopping by, guys.


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Is there a separate "damned fiddly bits sprue" or are they molded in with the more substantial parts to make them easier to break?

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