Happy Fathers day ...........

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My dad has to make do with a bottle of Whisky and a bar of chocolate, and its his birthday tomorrow anyhows...Id never get my dad an musical instrument, he'd never put it down...
well that sucks CC. BBQ, homemade choc fudge brownie cake with choc chips covered with whipped creme, BBq'd pork ribs and then fun time tonight ....... yeah babe' life is good
Na, I do not believe in Fathers day, I show my dad I love him everytime I see him, although he is not a loveable guy. He wont even hug me, he says he does not hug other guys. Just full of sh*t.

So happy Fathers day to all you suckers with the little rascals running around and enjoy every moment of it.:lol: :lol:
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. :cool:

My dad is the "dad with everything", and he doesn't drink anymore, so that just left one thing. A card.:thumbleft:
I took he and mum out to dinner last night as well. Boomerang's Steakhouse. Mmmmmm. =P~
This is a classic "father and son moment"


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Les, you should thank your sun very much for everything.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed it and syscom3 the poor child went into schock. LOL LOL

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