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lesofprimus said:
Love u all like an extra hole in my head....
but I am sure you are a big nice guy.
Nope, in reality I'm a big as*hole...

People say that I am a a**hole to at times, but they just don't like to hear the truth. If a person asks for my opinion I give it but you had better be ready for the answer is all, few people in this world I have found really like to hear the truth, they only want to hear what they want to hear. The people I get along with the best are honest people that are straight shooters, no BS, I hate BS. If a person is a BS I either ignore them or call their bluff depends how much energy I have that day.

Oh well the world needs a**holes too or we all would be Flamers, tree huggers, Jane Fonda lovers, puZZy whipped b*itches and NDPer's (left wing bastards).
More left wing then democat? HMMMMMM Oh yeah, that guy who made Fareheit 9/11 and the other stupid films. He probably has a few followers, and the rest of the nation wants him dead. Back to topic though, will any of you help with the site, cause it also has a Shop section where the person is selling things.

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