Hey all

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You guys are all strange enough to scare anyone off. Good thing I'm around for some modicum of nomalicy and decorum
Some French thing I presume old boy, not to worry, it'll pass.....
Them there good old French lads have a place for......characters like that, Bastillien or so it's called I think...
Would that be someone from the Bastille?

Mike should have been More of the Good Guy maybe.
Too many Bad Guys in here I guess. But I don't remember anyone mentioning frogs legs tho?
Only the posh places for us mate.
I could murder a few beers tonight....

What to choose though? Bishops Finger?...Ramrod and bitter? Ummm... that would make a nice change :)
Absolutely and quite right dear boy.
Fancy a Bombay G&T
We could drink our way around the empire... may take a while :)
Raise a glass to the Gurkhas.

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