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Aug 19, 2013
Kansas, USA

My name is Jason I work in the Criminal Justice Field. I spent almost 11 years in the US Army and Army Reserve. I have spent several tours of duty in Hazardous Duty Areas. I lucked out when I irst joined the Army and was trained as a Petroleum Supply Specialist. My first Duty Station landed me in Germany, refueling Apache Helicopters. Although Apaches were not the only type of Aircraft that I refueled. I have refueled every type of helicopter the Army has including Shinooks, Blackhawks, hueys, OH-58s. I have even refueled French Gazelles and British Pumas. I got to ride any all of the passenger type helicopters. My favorite though was the huey.

I come from a tradition of Military Service. My Grandfathers on Both Sides of the family served in the Military. One Grandfather served in the Aluetian Islands in WWII and actually was one of many that built the Amchtika Army Airfield. My other Grandfather served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific and witnessed Nuclear Bomb testing in the 40s.

My Father served in the US Navy during Vietnam and latered joined the Seabees, but retired in the Army National Guard. My Brother is in the USAF as a Security Policemen.

I have always enjoyed hearing stories and reading about Miltary History and I look forward to hearing and learning more through this forum.
Welcome aboard from Skippy down under!

Us Yanks had Lassie, the Aussies had Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!
Jason, as Aaron said welcome to the asylum and our somewhat dysfunctional family of differently abled posters
And to your father from me "Welcome home brother


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England??? Bastion of of sanity???? Shirley you jest. Shall be begin with the kings...George III mayhap...


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