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Aug 23, 2005
Hi everyone.. Been a member before but not really posted before.
I'm like many on this site, In the military, army!
However, flying myself now.. been taking lessons for about a year..(should have joined the 'other' service eh?)..
Hope to chat to more of you in time.

Regards..Dave S.
Hey Dave, in ur siggy, it should read "THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE!", not to...

And its ok to be in the Army... Not everyone is qualified to be a Navy man, what with ur ASVAB score having to exceed 60 and having to learn the doggie-paddle.... The Navy is kinda picky about whose allowed to sail the Seven Seas, so we forgive all u Army pukes for not being intelligent enough to qualify to be a Squid...

The world needs ditchdiggers and grunts too...

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