My Semester Project - Need Suggestions on Graphics!

Which one you like better?

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium

I'm slowly finishing my school year project called Jewish Soldiers in Czechoslovak Army in USSR during WW2 - A Lion with Star of David

For this, I'll use several graphics, such as for the front page, footers, etc...

Now here's two samples for the front page...

Both show a Czech national symbol - a doble-tailed Lion with several attributes that have something to do with this theme. In the first one, you cann see a lion that is holding a sword and has a "Jude" star patch instead of the crown.
The other one is crushing the german eagle with a spear which holds a czechoslovak flag on the top of it.

Please tell me which one you like better:

Any suggestions, comments etc are welcomed!


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The second one is better. Although in the first one, if the Star of David is fixed to the spear, that would look just as nice.
The point of my work is they didn't, as they were members in the Czechoslovak army in USSR......

Here is the final I think:


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