My Son, The Graduate....

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My Son, Ryan, has graduated from High School... Whoo Hoo................

He has been accepted to Lindenwood University in Missouri to play Inline Hockey, with a Scholarship to boot...... He is also going to try and play for the Lacrosse team....

Pics below...


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Congrats Les! - Wow, an inline hockey scholarship! I played for many years, both in line and ice. Good looking boy, takes after his mom I see! ;) I wish him all the best! 8)
Wow ! You Americans know how to make a graduation party.

We don't even receive our diplomas directly from the hands of the principal... We receive it by mail ! The lone party that is made is in a reserved restorant (generally in a "high-class" hotel) and that's it. Nothing more.

I don't regret I didn't went to mine when I graduated from High School.
Wow! Congrats Ryan! Pretty cool, man. It's funny, we are close to the same age and your kid is graduating high school, mine is about a year from kindergarten!
I wish there was something like that in the UK. We just get our A-Level results in the post :rolleyes: I'll be graduating from my BA course in July, I pretty much walk up there, shake the Chancellors hand, and clear off - again, my actual certificate comes in the post. Im only going cos my mum and dad want to see it, otherwise I'd save the time and the 100 and odd mile journey back up here and go to my MA graduation next year instead.
lesofprimus said:
LoL.. Thx guys...

FBJ, I play and coach both ice and inline... We just won the Mississippi HS State Championship..... I played some Semi-pro, but blew out the knee and the rest is history.....

No Sh*t! Les! I stopped playing about 2 years ago, I keep saying I'm going to try to get back into it. In 86 I had a training camp invite for the Saginaw Gears (I think they also go by the Generals). At 27 I would of been the oldest guy there. My second love is hockey, aviation is first, the wife, well, #3 isn't all that bad :rolleyes:

Where did you play semi pro?
evangilder said:
Could be, but this was back in the 70s. I was pretty young and at the time, didn't really know much about the game. But the fights were great!

Naw - that was before my time. I played pretty competitive hockey from the mid 80s until the ealy 90s. After that I was washed up :cry:
Les a hearty congrats from an old man.........Geez let's see now my kids graduated............ah when was that ?

in any case best of health and much success for all

Congratulations to your son Les - better gear yourself up those phone calls asking for more money when he's at Uni though! Beer, girls, parties - it's a busy life!
yeah mkae sure you pass on my congratulations (because he of course knows me, and will be thrilled when you say "the lancaster kicks ass says well done")...........

na i mean it really..........

and i'm hoping to do A-level maths, history and physics............
A-Levels and the sixth form are much better than any schooling before it.

The best thing about it is that the majority of people suddenly reach an age when they want to develop their own identities, and not just follow the crowd.
Erm - you only need three! Even Oxford and Cambridge only want three A-Levels. (admittedly it's gotta be AAA, and get through the interview) Still, I think people who take more than three are just taking a pointless risk.

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