Navy photo's - Pacific ops

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Oct 18, 2006
I will post some of the photo's from my Dad's collection here, adding as
I get them scanned. He normally flew the Hellcat with the strike camera
and was last to come in on raids.

The first photo is of their "new" F6F-5 Hellcats. The caption written on back
of this photo says "Link flying my plane. I took the picture while flying
a TBM. Refuse to have my picture taken in a TBM". Snob fighter pilot!:D
This was probably early 1945 and he would have been 23 years old.


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2 strike camera photo's from Truk attack, April 29, 1944. Also, page
from my Dad's logbook for the day he took these photo's.
First photo is labeled on back "Truk, N. Dublin - S. Moen (seaplane ramp
and strip)"

Second photo: "Truk - island of Ulalu. Hits on Jap RDF".

Logbook pages for this date, 4/29/44.


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Two photo's of what looks like a radar equipped Hellcat, making it F6F-5N...
No captions on the back. The number on the deck looks like 19, making it the
Hancock. For you Naval Aviators, take a gander at the number of wires
across the deck - imagine that many chances to trap!!!!

Barely visible in the haze to the upper left is another flat top.


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More photo's. Carrier quals on CV-16 Lexington, dated 27 may 1943.
The value in these is the positive date stamp nails down the markings
in use at the time. 4 photo's in this series, will post two at a time.
Other things to note are flap settings, tail hook, elevator, etc and you
can see they were not trapping but "bounce and go".


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Hellcat on CV-16 Lexington, undated but probably early 1945.
Modelers check out the tire tread and the hard points under the
wings. Note also Helldiver to the left with wings folded.


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This newspaper clipping sent my Mom over the edge as she and
my Dad had gotten married in August, 1944, when he had leave.
Hellcat 13 was my Dad's plane, although he wasn't always flying
it, he was responsible for all the logs and documents. The article
here is scanned from the back of the photo, for interest's sake.
He called #13 "Lucky Strike", as he never received a scratch
for all the damage the plane took. VF-16 on Lexington again.


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Will be digging through a very packed garage for more photo's;
14 relocations in my life has caused a little pandemonium with
tracking where my stuff lies.
Bravo Zulu !!!

Know exactly what you mean about the relocations and the havoc with the boxes of remembrances. Somewhere along the line we lost the Japanese helmet and Arisaka from Guadalcanal, but the pilferers never realized that the cumbersome wingtip was from A6M2 #4593, the Koga Zero, and it stayed with us until donated to the Navy Museum in DC in 1986.

You are lucky with the pictures.


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