Not going to be on much.

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Nov 8, 2004
Well just wanted to let you guys know, now that me and my wifes Church Wedding is less than 2 weeks out I will not be on very much for a couple of weeks. We still have a lot of last minute planning that has come up and then after the wedding we are going to the Dominican Republic for a week (if a Hurricane does not hit us while we are there :D ). I will be stopping buy for a while here and there but will not be on much till the wedding is over.
Ok, and good luck with the wedding! 8)

While im here, I have a message, delivered courtesy of


the lancaster kicks ass said:
sorry i haven't been on much recently, i've been tied down with farm work and coursework, and i am going away for a couple of days starting tomorrow, good luck and congratulations on the wedding adler and make sure someone puts up a good fight for the lanc on my behalf, speak soon!


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Good luck, Adler. Have a great time in the Dominican! 8)
Thanks guys. Les we are going to be at Punta Cana, the capital at a nice Riu Resort there on a 26mi long white sands beach. I can not wait to be that guy that just laying on the beach in a hawian shirt drinking Mai Tais.

And as for Lancs comment about Farm Work, I really do not want to know. Keep you farm animal stories to yourself Lanc. Naw just kidding take care and have fun Lanc. :D
Ive been to the East Coast of the Dominican before... Man its gonna be great........ I hope u went with the All-Inclusive deal, cause down there, thats the way to go....

As a side note, the cooks and chefs there will cook all the lobsters u can pull outta the exposed reefs, any time of day...
My brother went all inclusive 4years ago Adler but he also hired a guy and his car for the day who took him and his wife out and about it wasn't that dear but he said they went to some very nice places and he had one of the best beach cooked lobsters in his life. But what ever you do Adler have a great time and post a couple of snaps for us when you get back.
lesofprimus said:
Topless Beaches as well, Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its not very common in the states is it Les.

I quite like topless beaches but they dont tend to be selective
some of the girls are real eye poppers but there is always the 70 year old with 2 fried eggs that touch the top of their thongs or the one with jugs that look like a pair of half deflated Zepplins on approach.
And of course its never complete without the over weight guy wearing a bum flosser.

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