Oscar ace ?

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Jul 10, 2007
Virginia Beach, Va.
I found this picture of a Japanese "Oscar" somewhere on the internet. I
saved it because the pilot of this plane must have been a real smart
cookie. I count sixteen American flags on the side of the plane.

Your thoughts ???


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Jaco said:
wow! Check this link out and count how many victories in the Ki-43...

"I was totally obsessed with getting the enemy. I decided to ram the bomber. 'Take this! Yankee!' I pulled up, but perhaps my action was too acute, and the next moment, my plane careened into the middle of the fuselage of the third plane of the left formation."

Take this Yankee???? Comeon, thats gotta be some writer embelishing that one....
Ok, no prob. I was supicious because the flags are turned the wrong way unless the pic is flipped. As far as the site I gave, who knows! Just threw it in there.
I am not very well versed in Pacific airwar and slightly better in the ETO. You are absoulutely correct and I just threw that in. I don't vouch for the info nor do I present it as fact. Was just something that was interesting with the pic.

But there has to be some JAF pilot that had afew kills with the Oscar. Thats what I was searching.
Am reading the "Bloody Shambles" series and have read about this guy. I am not positive, but think there was a bit of embelishment in his totals (as with everyone else). Some of these guys were double claiming or just claiming everything they shot at. Claims were especially high on missions where the bombers they were escorting got clobbered or when Allied bombers really pasted the target. Probably human nature to embelish your victories when your side has a bad day.

Problem was also encountered with the Allied Pilots in Burma. They'd come back with claims of 10 planes shot down and records would show 1 destroyed, one damaged beyond repair.

In short, take the totals in Burma with a grain of salt. Most of the aircraft destoryed out there seem to have gone down from ground fire, mechanical failure or were bombed on the ground. Air to Air was the least of the threats.

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