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Sep 19, 2005
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I just love the sport, especially all the comradere that is present. I personally play rec ball because I can't afford anything else yet. I would love to do some of the scenarios that reenact battles from WW2, but once again funding is a limit for me. I am currently set up with a Spyder Xtra (the older blockier one from the Xtra kit, which also seems to be unable to chop paintballs AT ALL), Ricochete 2kx loader, J&J Ceramic barrel, 20 oz CO2 tank, and Java face mask/googles, as well as a DYE 4 pod pack. Well, if any of you play, where do you go where you live, and what is your set up?
Well I have been playing paintball now for about 10 years now. My first gun was a Raptor. Nothing special and no extras or enhancements for it. After about a year I bought a Spyder and again pretty much kept it stock. After about 2 years I finally went for the big money and have not bought a new gun since because I love it so much and it is so reliable (oh excuse me it finally broke a couple of months of ago. No big deal it just needs a new valve pin which is in the mail as we speak.).

Anyhow 7 years ago I bought a 67 Automag Level 7A. It is a great gun of pneumatic design and has only one real moving part. I use a nitrogen remote system, a 9V battery operated Hopper, and I have several barrels including a 12in Carbon Fiber Barrel (my absolute favorite), an 18in Rifled Sniper Barrel, and several other barrels. The one I use mostly is the Carbon Fiber Barrel.

I have not played in a couple of months and have not played much over the last few years because of my military life. There are probably lots more neat equipment out there and accesories such as Barrels and what not that I do not even know about.

Below is the same setup that I have with my gun. That is not my gun though, just the picture I had taken from the website when I ordered the gun.


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If you play eneogh, the cost outsets it. I used to be on a semi pro team and we had spondership that would buy our paintballs and nitrogen.
Yes its expensive, but thats because the companies have to make money incase they run into a suite against them concerning safety (despite the liability forms).

This was my starter kit
Source for all pics:Paintball at : Paintball Guns, Gear, Paintballs, Barrels, Goggles and Equipment. (

Kingman Spyder XTRA Super Kit Paintball Gun Package - Blue at : Paintball

My barrel
J J Ceramic Spyder Barrel - 14 Inch at : Paintball

Finally, my loader
Ricochet 2KX LCD Motorized Paintball Loader - Black at : Paintball
My pod pack is no longer carried anywhere.

My final upgrades will occur in a bit, being a new grip frame and a new feed neck, although none on this site are the one I'm looking at:
Kingman Spyder Rocking with Rear ACS Bolt Trigger Frame - Black at : Paintball

Oh, and Alder, nice set up. If I could afford anything more than a starter set at the time my kit was bought, I would have gotten a auto-cocker or an auto mag. But, since I was strapped for cash, I was limited to this, and upgrading. I keep the thing around because it's like a stinkin AK-47, IT CANNOT BE BROKEN!! You know your marker is good when your brother throws it against a wall and you pick it up and use it to good effect later in the day, with no maitenace involved. Still, it probably has to do with all of the metal in the body (see:heavy!)
Do not go with an Auto-Cocker. They have two many parts and break to easily.

Get an Automag or anything from the company that makes them. They are great guns. I do not know the website off the top of my head but go to Airgun Designs website and you can get all the info.

Automag all the way.
does the automag chop much? Remeber I'm coming from something that has yet to chop over the course of its 2 year career, with no lubing, oiling, or disassembly, of course it is a mechanical.
I have never had my auto mag chop a ball. I have had balls break because of defects in the ball and that is why I use the carbon fiber barrel. It absorbs the chips and paints and allows the balls to continue fireing out the barrell without breaking.

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