Pearl harbor Type 99 Bomber..Val

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Hi Guys, Ive just finished my PH Val but rather than just post the final shots, I thought I would post some of the progress stuff first. I didn't take shots of every part of the process.... but I hope you like what I have done.

First up the main cockpit decking detail...


  • Main Cockpit Detail a.JPG
    Main Cockpit Detail a.JPG
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    Main Cockpit detail_b.JPG
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Can't wait to see the final make-up of this model. I assume though that the heading gives us a hint that the paint-job will be based on one of the Carrier Vals used at Pearl Harbour... Therefore maybe a greenish colour with a yellow undercarriage...
To answer your questions...

The scale is 1/48 and the model is the Hasegawa kit, typhoonken.

Wurger the finish is in a single colour, further info to follow as more images are posted.

HealzDevo you 'almost' have it.

....and thanks for you comments...guys.
Is there something about there were different colours on the attacking Zeros? I have seen some zeros in pictures of Pearl Harbour that appear yellow, some green and some white. Or is that more a question of paint age? Okay totally yellow with red bands and markings?
Hey Healzdevo, ALL Zeroes used at Pearl Harbor were factory painted at Nagoya in one Primary uniform colour and issued to the IJN Carrier groups. This was a grey-green, greenish grey (Hairyokushoku) from the japanese M series colours . Additionally the fabric control surfaces were J3 Grey.
Primary identifying markings were...

1st Carrier Division, Akagi - One Red fuselage stripe. AI-1XX
Kaga - Two Red Fuselage stripes AII-1XX

2nd Carrier Division Soryu - One Dark Blue Fuselage stripe. BI-1XX
Hiryu - Two " " " " BII-1XX

5th Carrier Division Shokaku - One white stripe EI-1XX
Zuikaku - two White stripes EII-1XX

Command aircraft then had Tail stripes to identify their position.
Hope this helps for a better understanding of PH Zeroes.
Ok a couple of shots showing the Pilots instrument panel and the observer/gunner's panel.
Soon to be overlaid on the instrument panel were the decals of the dials, each cut out and applied separately,same as was done in my cockpit detail thread for the Fw190.


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Ok moving quickly along, the finished cockpit tub installed in the fuselage, you can now see the "decal Dials" applied to the main instrument panel.


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    Val cockpit_aw.JPG
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Hey Guys thanks...Wildcat, plenty of patience as well those dials are small and you really only get one chance once you hit them with decal softener thats it...leave 'em alone and don't to any adjacent decals for a while. You move to a different spot away from the previous decal until it gets too fiddly then you walk away or do something else for a while so the decals settle down properly and set. When all are done a small drop of gloss to simulate each glass cover.

Ok a couple more shots...


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Thanks Heinz, and Wurger, hey 1/72 dials would make you go cross-eyed I think, they would be so small....

In this next shot canopy is masked using Ezy Masks.
Quite a few sections to put on the canopy but well worth it in the end.

Engine painted, along with inside of cowling, bomb and rack plus propeller ready to go


  • Val_3.JPG
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and Wurger, hey 1/72 dials would make you go cross-eyed I think, they would be so small....

You are right. :lol:
The details look still good.The masks for conopy masking are the very good idea,aren't they?

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