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cute corporal for your official site pin up?

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cute corporal

Nov 29, 2004
have you ever thought of having a web mascot/pin up girl to represent the site? :kisses:
ideas - posing by aircraft,ww2 stuff, dressed forties style?


i think it would work well to get new members(of course have men as models aswell)but i am perfectly willing to model for you...tastefully, of course, its not a porn site! :oops:
please post your thoughts on this matter and vote maybe?

love, cute corporal xxx \:D/
Sounds a good idea - very original. See what the others have to say 8)

As for the male model part, I think youd have a hard time finding any good looking guys on THIS site :lol:

i think we'd have to see a pic of you first cute (wow i can call you that)

and remember lads, it's the innner beauty that counts!!

male moddel you say :rolleyes:
the lancaster kicks ass said:
and remember lads, it's the innner beauty that counts!!

Bullsh*t ! :lol:

When you meet a girl for the first time, you spot her body first and THEN (if you find her sexualy attractive) you talk to her. I the girl was plain ugly, you would NOT talk to her except if she did first.

It's the same thing for women.

So, when you ask to somebody : "What do you find sexy in a man/woman ?" and he/she answers "Her eyes" or "Her good personnality" that's BULLSH*T !

No man will try to pick up a girl if she isn't sexualy attractive FIRST.

If somebody answer the opposite, keep in mind that he/she is a "professionnal bullshitter". :lol:

That's a psychiatrist who has a daily show on the radio who says that. And I must admit that he got a point.
My god Maestro you really don't know women at all, do you!

Ok there are ( as CC put it 'so' well...elsewhere) bounderies, but :
A high % of women do NOT go for looks, most have there 'fetish'..... eyes, bums, chunky, smile, wearing a suit/ or a uniform ( well that one was- first on the list for several girls at work :rolleyes: ), which catch their eye first.
I have never heard a female say they are interested in a male because he looked sexy, or was packing a large bulge, and I know alot of women and have worked with thousands.

Many women I know ( mostly late 20s early 30s), still go for weird and wonderful types.
So Maestro.... is this good news to your ears.... or bad???
Take my advice.... 'listening' to a psychiatrist is a bit like trusting what you read in a newspaper.
Here is an example Maestro:
A Male pin up... I know which one I found most attractive (physically) from the Mug shots. But it wouldn't be who I would pick as a pin up.... I already knew who that would be before the pics were put up.......... and I haven't changed my mind ;)
Cripps, we are both right. Of corse, women have a "fetish", like you said. But they all look for body. Like we (men) do with women.

We'll take an example :

If your fetish is a bum and I gave you the choice between two of them, would you take the one looking like Brad Pitt or the one looking like Mr. Bean ? Be honest.

We all look for body first. Keep that in mind.

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