Shot my first turkey

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P38 Pilot

Tech Sergeant
Jun 19, 2005
Auburn,Alabama; USA
Im not trying to brag or anything, but I shot my first turkey yesterday.

I just want to show the pics and possibly the video.


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Hey, good for you!:thumbleft:
Decent sized bird by the look of it too. I wouldn't really know though, I've never hunted turkey.

Boy, those are some serious duds you're wearing. Expecting to ambush some Navy SEALs? :lol:
Thanks NS! It started getting hot so I took off some of the other camo I had on.

Don't plan on ambushing Navy Seals; just invading Armidillos!
As a fellow turkey hunter, congratulations -38.... That Tom is a pretty good size... Decent looking spurs too...

How long was his beard, and how much did he weigh???? I have taken a few species of turkey....

BTW guys, a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot at 10 yards would not be a mess, and u aim for the turkeys head anyways....
elmilitaro said:
Don't hunt much, but that info can be useful if I'm ever craving a juicy turkey. *Drooling*
Dont get too excited, cause large wild turkeys are not like the Butterball Turkeys u get for the Holidays at the local grocery store.... They are very rough and gamey tasting, and if not cooked properly, taste rather like heated shit....

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