Some help needed with a B-17

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Apr 16, 2007
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I have another Revell 1/72 B-17 model lying around here and was interested in painting it like the one in the picture I have attatched. I I know the plane was 708th Squadron, 447th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, but I don't know where i might be able to find decals for it's tail section (the serial numbers and large letters) as I have only used the included decals for my models in the past. Any further info is appreciated! Thanks!


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Hi !!!
There some infos on the B-17 I've found via Internet.I think there you can find much more.I hope I was helpful.

A B-17 decked out in markings from the USAAF 447th BG, 709th BS.

The B-17 "Fuddy Duddy" had been flown until about two years ago, and had been on display at the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center since that time. The aircraft is painted in the markings of the original Fuddy Duddy, an 8th Air Force B-17G assigned to the 708th Bomb Squadron, 447th Bomb Group. It is fully equipped for passenger flights.

From Modelers' Guide to the 447th
This is another example of the risk of using restored aircraft as an historical source: our own Fuddy Duddy based in Elmira, New York. This late-model B-17G was restored as a tribute to the 447th and to 42-97400, Fuddy Duddy, lost in a collision over Germany with 43-38473 on December 30, 1944 (two months before the yellow tail and green bands were in use). In its last few missions, the original Fuddy Duddy probably carried the blue wing-tip chevron on its last missions, but not the yellow tail and green bands.

447th Bomb Group
Great stuff there Evan. :D Could you give more details on the B-17?
I have not tried this but I understand that with a PC and a printer you can make your own decal, print it out and use. Maybe others have done this. It does sound feasable if you get the proper blank decal sheet and ink.
I haven't been actively building models for a long time but here's an idea. Try your local hobby shop. See if they still carry "Micro Scale" decals. If so then you should have some luck finding what you want there.
I find most kit decals are not real accurate.You can get sheets of letters in most common colors and sizes for the serial numbers.Its a pain to apply serials one digit at a time but to be acuurate it is a must.You can get a solid black sheet and cut out the square and when its dry add a white letter over it.I use mostly Super Scale International and Micro Scale decals.This is expensive for one model but over time you will have wealth of decals to choose from.
No problem. I saw Fuddy Duddy yesterday. They have put a new leading edge on the wing and it is completely unnoticeable. It looks great! I talked with Ray Diekman about it. The bird was still inside when the pulled off the leading edge. It was huge! It had a squirrel in it's stomach!

Anyway, it's airborn again and looking really nice. Here are some of the shots from yesterday. When I am done with the edits (I took 1620 shots yesterday), I will post some more.


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