Some more photos from my service

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
Some more photos from my service in the cypriot army. Only around 7 months to go now! 8) As you can see there's always time to have fun.


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Hell yeah he is. But his syndicated shows were MUCH better than his movies. But Rowan Atkinson's best stuff was Black Adder. Now that was FUNNY $hit!!! I loved the episode with the Cardinal that liked to bugger. Bought pissed my pants laughing to hard.
Really? I think I liked his work with Pearcy as the doofus German-blooded prince. That was funny stuff. And the Queen. Good lord man was she funny. :lol:

Sorry Chocks. I'm off topic...
Hahaha well ''Bean'' is in fact my nickname in that shithole :lol: , i've gotten used to it.:rolleyes: Yeah I love Blackadder too

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