Tank Busting Armaments... Whats The Best Setup???

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Which Armament Package do u think was the best setup for Tank Busting.... The plane portion is irrelevant for this discussion.....

The HS-129B3/Wa....
2x 13mm MG 131's
2x 20mm MG 151/20 cannon (125 rounds each)
1x 75mm BK 7.5 cannon and 26 rounds

The Ju-87G-2 'Panzerknacker' :
2x 37 mm BK 3.7 cannon in underwing gondolas
2x 7.92mm MG 81Z machine guns

2 x 23mm VYa guns
2 x 12.7mm BS machine guns
2 x 7.62mm machine guns

2x 30mm Mk 108 cannon
2x 20mm MG 151E/20 cannon
2x 13mm MG 131's

Any other suggestions???
Someone post the same stats for the Typhoon??? Rockets are interesting....


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Yeah, great profiles! :thumbleft:
IMO, the Ju-87G-1 would be best. In the right hands, those twin 37mm's were absolutely hellish!
It was my understanding that the Hs-129 was not overly successful, but then that was due to the actual aircraft design, and not the weapons package as such.
But yeah, that single 75mm BK cannon would definitely spell "good night" for a tank! :shock:
are people forgetting the 2x40mm on the hurricane Mk.IID?? they were very effective................
No lanc, its too early in the topic for jokes like that...

But I always was a rebel...

Did you guys know about the Rocket armed Me-321 glider? It never even made the prototype stage but it was designed to carry 48 rockets under each wing :shock: and it had 12 x 20mm cannons in the nose, with another 8 x 30mm cannons on the wings :shock: :!: :lol:
Oh no, not with the heat seeking missiles the Germans also had in development. When an enemy aircraft got within 10km of it, the radr sensors would automatically detect it and fire a missle. They were destined to carry 24 of these.
Hawker Typhoon Mk. IB:
4x 20 mm Hispano Mk.II cannons
8x 3" 60 Ib (27 kg) rocket projectiles

Hawker Tempest Mk.V Series 2:
4x 20 mm Hispano Mk.V cannons
8x 3" 60 Ib (27 kg) rocket projectiles


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