TheLancasterKicksAss Needs a New Member Ranking

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Glock Perfection
Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Lanc is quickly about to eclipse 20,000 posts! Currently he is listed as a SENIOR MEMBER like many others with MUCH less time dedicated to this forum.

I am asking two questions for your consideration:

1) Shouldn't the Admins/Mods give Lanc some formal recognition for such a dubious achievement? [I use the term dubious, since it is very difficult to linearly equate Lanc's posts with commensurate quality contributions] :toothy5: Perhaps he needs a new status line other than SENIOR MEMBER above his avatar.


2) I ask the forum members to submit their suggestions for this proposed moniker and perhaps the admins/mods will recognize Lanc's milestone.

I'll start. I like using the term MEMBER to describe Lanc. Seems to fit. So maybe EXCEPTIONAL MEMBER? EXCEPTIONALLY LONG MEMBER? BIG MEMBER? Or maybe BIGGEST MEMBER? :)

So Forum participants, please post your ideas here for all to see. We can only hope that our formal recognition will be bestowed upon our most esteemed collegue, TheLancasterKicksAss.
hehe, matt i'm touched! but asking people like adler and les for names for me can never end well :lol: this is very good of you, "The Big Dawg" would suffice ;) or at the very least unfilter the @ss part of my name :lol: i just feel the postings needed for senior membership status needed to be upped, 5,000 or so, i just think that the senior status of some members needs to be made more clear to new guys, i'll be interested to see what others have to say about this though- thanks again matt!
ah does this thread need to be cleansed gentlemen ? ?

nobody but mods are getting special privi's at the moment; that may change ......... in 2110 ;)
How about flowers and rainbow flags all around his name letting them know he is the fruity one on the forum. Wait everyone gets that idea anyhow after seeing that gay ass pic of his.

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