What are you doing today?

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Today I have been doing this

Moving benches so that I could do this

Ready for the relocation guys to come in tomorrow and rearrange the machinery.
Thanks Neil.
I was a rifle shooter in my early twenties and even visited the US to experience hand-guns but I did not hear about the orange stuff.
The orange tip for toy weapons is a relatively new law (within the past 20 yeas or so).

Some states are a bit relaxed about removing the orange from toys, but in California, you cannot by law.

On the otherhand, Federal law absolutely prohibits applying orange to the tip of any firearm, no exceptions.

There are firearms on the market in a wide range of colors (pink, purple, turquoise and so on) but orange is not allowed. Only flareguns or emergency signalling devices as well as toys are permitted to have orange colored parts.
Yesterday I found that someone had tossed a Casio keyboard in the airport dumpster. It's a big thing, over 3 feet long and over a foot wide. I dug through my pile of wall warts and managed to find one to power it, although I had to reverse the polarity on the coaxial plug. Fired it up and it worked just fine, not that I know how to play it. It does have over 100 prerecorded songs and the ones I tried worked, the keys lighting up so you can see how to play it. I don't know anyone who could use the thing, so I'll donate it to the local humane society thrift shop.

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