What cheered you up today?

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lesofprimus said:
I got a blowjob this morning... Does that count as "cheering up"???

Only if from a member of the opposite sex and free of charge.....

Half a cheer if you paid under $20 bucks and she didn't have welts all over her body from being pushed away with a 10 foot pole!! :evil4:
How bout this, and all I had to do was let the dog out to piss....


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Erh ... nope, nothing has cheered me up ... but do I need cheering up!? Nope!
Wasting Korean terrorists on Conflict: Global Storm with an M-60...Also doing a similar thing with a Striker shotgun...
That certainly is tidings of good cheer Les! ;)

I came to the realization that I am where I have always wanted to be in life. A home, a great family and a safe neighborhood. Life is good. I was holding my daughter and my sone wanted to sit with daddy and his baby sister. Although exhausted right now, I feel great.


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Eric great pic man, just need your lovely wife with ya.

Les I'm with ya on that, dang where is my woman..........oh yeah, unfortunately at work .....

Glück auf !
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