What do you sound like?

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Master Sergeant
Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Click on the link and find out!


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At the moment I'm just killing time - we're off in less than two hours (4.00 a.m) so there's no point in hitting the hay.

I'll have to work on the volume - I used an empty Teamspeak channel to make the recording, and a microphone which was state of the art when you were at Lakenheath.
Nah - at that time I was five and about an hours drive away from you, so it's not that long ago really.

Small world!

This is quite addictive - the sound is a little better....

Edit: Alconbury is somewhat further than I first thought - however I am remembering stuff from twenty years ago! :oops:


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hehe, I was just kiddin' around. But the time is flying by. It gets faster every year.

While at Lakenheath, I drove to Alconbury several times to visit a friend that I went through tech school with. Of course, Mildenhall was just a few miles away. I also visited Bentwaters, Martlesham Heath, Sculthorpe, Greenham Common and several others whose names elude me at the moment.

Did you ever get F-111 literature from Lakenheath, Med?
Glad to hear the storm wasn't so bad, Les. I was wondering how close it might be. The new just said Mississippi, not where though! Beside that was when they were talking about the "accu-weather". Accu-weather, kind of an oxymoron here.
Ah the friendly voice of a cockney! :) Heres a more structured rant from me ;)


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