21st Century Toys reborn

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Jun 10, 2004
Knoxville, TN
Here is a note from BadCatToys.com

21st Century Toys Reborn as Algo Comes Through With 1:32

The re-released 21st Century Toys 1:32 P-51B Shangri La and Fw-190A-8 Red 19 have arrived at our warehouse and we're shipping now! These aircraft are tooled on the same molds as those owned by the original 21st Century by Algo Enterprises, LLC. Algo is managed by the same person who founded 21st back in the 1990s.

Packaged in the same exact box as the originals, these re-releases are virtually identical to those made back in 2007. Upon closer inspection, I'd say that factory work on these planes is a bit better to boot. The paint is excellent on the planes I've seen so far.

Future releases are in the works but a great deal depends on sales of these first two releases. Even if you don't collect 1:32 or already have these planes, a purchase of a couple of these birds will be a step closer in getting the company off the ground. Maybe as a extra set, a Christmas gift, grease-up the boss, a Red Cross or church raffle donation . . . you get the idea. A successful launch of these two 1:32 birds could also mean more 1:18, too. In my conversations with Algo, we've discussed potential future 1:32 and 1:18 projects but all the talk is a moot point if these trial balloons languish for any time at all. Help us out here, guys!!

1:32 Scale Diecast Aircraft and Plastic Model Airplanes
Didn't 21st also do a 1/32 BF-109F a little while ago? Based on what (I think) I've seen of that on HyperScale I'd be interested in getting me one of those, not to have the most accurate 'Friedrich', but to have a decent large scale '109F on the shelf would be nice (much like the HobbyBoss Spit I bought the other day)
They did several 109's and several zero's as well.

On my shelf at work, I have 2 P-51's (B and D), a Maachi 2005, a Maachi 2001, 2 Zero's, a P-47, a Corsair, 2 Fw-190A's, a Stuka, a Fw-190D, and a Me-262. All are 1:32 so it takes up quite a bit of room, especially that P-47. If they do make a full comeback, I sure hope they do some new models, like a F4F, F6F, Dauntless, or some of the other Japanese or Russian fighters.
21 st where touting the build of a 1/18 B-25....5 foot wingspan and a 4 foot fuselage !!!!...before they stopped.

Was first aware of this back in 2009 following my flight in Jim Terry's Pacific Prowler at GOML and I thought...in my best Will Smith impersonation..." Woohoo, I have got to get me one of these !". Not sure if my ceiling would support such a large model but knowing the sheer amount of detail that goes into the models / toys, its gonna be a beaut if it is introduced.

I'll see if I can find out the original details over the weekend
I was wondering where and how you got the models mold from 21st century I'm looking for some of the vehicle molds and I see your shop is in Dallas I go there every 1-3-5 weekends Mabey I can order the molds off you and pick them up or if there not to much you keep them for your buisness and I get a few of them from you free after I bought the moldes that way I get the ones I want and you have your moldes and make them to sell we both benefit
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But if you do get them, let me know, I'll bet we can make a deal with the North Koreans to undercut the Chinese and make a killing!!!
So, you know, there's that option....
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