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Well how about a thread purely focused on WWII aviation artwork, as I've got so much more than just the Ta-152 in that category ?
Yes Henk, Horton229 it's a very interesting a/c.But as far as your siggy is concerned it's nice but it seems to lack something.I don't know what it is.When I get an idea what I tell you.:-k
There's simply too boring a scenery, and too little plane to be seen. Thats whats missing if you ask me...
I like that fact that you see the aircraft that way and that it has the sky backdrop, but what can be added to it, I am asking because3 I suck with such things. LOL But if you like you can try and make something and I will have a look. I will PM the pic for you if want to, if anyone want to.
If you fancy another sig Henk, I have this,

Well I like the pic of the Horton 229 and I will post the pic for you guys and you can play with it like you want to.


I love to have the name Horton 229 still in the pic and the plane :lol: .

Play with it like you want to and show me.

Hallo Henk !!!

I'm busy, but when I have the time I try to make any siggy for you.
No Tiger, I like it, but it is not for me. Thanks anyway mate, can you do something with the pic I posted or not then I can look if I have a other pic.

Thanks guys.
It's time to change my siggy.Here a new one.


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