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mmm, i dunno, i've actually had 5 sigs in the time i've been here, and i've lost the first two, i can remember them but they're lost somehwere in the site, maybe i'll find them one day, but it was only late last year i got this one.........

but i can see your point about the avatar :-k i'll see what i can do sometime......
this is my 5th, my first was the BBMF lanc overflying water with my name in impact font, and the second was larger a lighter with the BBMF lanc banking with my name in a more stylish font, i hope to find them again some day, then i had these 3is the top one the first you remember me having?


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well after a quick search through the old threads (and some of them are very old, a nice trip down memory lane) i've found my second signature, you should remember this one les as you posted in the thread around the time i got it, my second favourite to date.........


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yeah i was gonna look for an avatar earlier but i got kicked off the computer, to be honest it's not really something i ever take notice of...........
for an old fart I actually change mine on occassion, really like this forum membership that does indeed show some very diverse images thankfully to make things new almost daily/weekly ........... good job all ! although some do digress way out of line, but hey it's all fun....what the heck
any of these any good?


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