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Aug 19, 2005
Hello All
Brand new to the board. However not a stranger to this site. The misc. forum is my favorite. I am not to handy with the computer machine and mostly just look for a good read. Although I am not an aviator I try to never pass over articles on aviation especially those regarding early aircraft through the piston powered craft of WW2. I am too much a gearhead to find much interest in the jet. They seem to be too fast and hi tech for me. Being an old tool and die maker that still seems to find a challenge in the file and hack saw, I have, in the past several years, eeked out a couple of projects that might be of interest to this forums members. One of the projects is a 1/3 size P40 which is the end result of my learning to use the english wheel. It is now disposed 12 feet above grade on my property. The other project is a three cylinder radial engine of my own design which nets around 30 HP. I will be using this to power a motorcycle which I am presently building. If either of these are of interest I could try to post a picture or two. But you gotta say.
Welcome Fuzz! I am an A&P by trade. Wow, an English Wheel! That's a lost art. You'll find some interesting characters here fer sure!
Welcome fuzz. :cool:
FJ's right, we have lots of Yankees like yourself, a variety of Kippers (that's just slang for British. A lot of them act like they hate it, but it's just an act. They really love it. ;) ), some down-undery types like Wildcat, Italians, Swedes, Israelis, Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians, a Mexican or two, some Kiwis, Germans, and the odd guy from up north somewhere like myself. There are various others too. As you can see, we're a multinational mish-mash of people who either love aviation or who just got lost while surfing for porn. ;)

We hope you'll stick around a while. :cool:
Am having trouble getting my pictures out of Image Expert so to send several views. Maybe someone could give me a tip if the process is not to involved. Anyway. the plane has 12' WS. It is all aluminum joined by pop riviting and weighs around 80 lbs. I scaled up a small plastic model. It specified a camo paint job. I added the teeth for the kids in the neighborhood so it is prob not historically correct to be a Tiger. It is 12' above grade and is going on 4 Yr. in the elements. Thanks for all the kind words to a newcomer and apologies to the dial up guys for all the bits.


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Got an education doing pictires in the last few hours. So here are the other views I promised. And Wildcat, on some of these projects I tend to measure time in six paks. You know about that, right?
The engine is 21 inches Dia. The cylinders, pistons and valves are from Tecumseh 10 HP small engines. About 62 CID. The rest of the stuff had to be conjured up such as patterns, castings and all other machined components. Lotsa 6 paks. This will eventually go into a cycle gotta make.


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did you say you used to make die, fuzz?? because if you did i'd be very interested in speaking to you for a school project........

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