Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster 1:12 scale

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Man, I really missed this building, really should more looking at the forum and not on my drawing tablet or behind my batwing of my Harley

really clean built and I hope you did not made the fault to polish the bodyparts,just soo
shing from a gloss lackme
Its been a bit of a mixed week with appointments and necessities so not much accomplished. Here is where were at as of this evening.

Main bodywork and exhaust fitted.
20230805 1.JPG

That support rod between the radiator and the engine bulkhead gave me some problem, the thin parts snapped at both ends, so mods had to be done.
20230805 2.JPG

The dash panel was a bitch to fit with all the leads attached, but we got there in the end.
20230805 3.JPG

20230805 4.JPG

Thanks a bunch for looking in folks.

Had a productive but frustrating day, the instructions on fitting the radiator cover and all the hood parts had you doing each stage one at a time, but in effect it had to be fitted all in one shot. The pins allowing the hood to be lifted on either side had to be slotted into a couple of retaining holes on the engine bulkhead and the radiator cover, only then could the whole lot be glued in place. But it is done and it all works.

20230806 1.JPG

20230806 2.JPG

20230806 3.JPG

20230806 4.JPG

20230806 5.JPG

More appointments tomorrow so not sure we'll get much done, but wheels are next. :D
As I thought, Monday was a bit of a right-off, had a long session with the ophthalmologist and have posterior capsular opacification behind the lens following cataract surgery in 2020, it's now blurring my vision but easy fixed with a laser but not till September. Such is life.

Like I said above, next job the wheels and here they are.

20230808 1.JPG

20230808 2.JPG

Maybe tomorrow with luck well get them fitted.
:D :thumbleft:

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