Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster 1:12 scale

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There is nothing wrong with the wheels Burt, I've just shown two with the rear of the break drum showing (silver disc) and the other three the outside of the wheel, look closely on two of these and you will see the silver disc through the spokes. The fifth wheel is the spare that will be strapped to the side of the car. :D
Thanks Jan...............................................for the comment and saying I'm young. :evil4::D
Thanks for looking in guys. Made good progress this arvo and not much left to do now.

Some almost finished pics and I think its starting to look like a nice sleek motor.
20230809 1.JPG

20230809 2.JPG

20230809 3.JPG

20230809 4.JPG

Started on some of the leather strapping. On the left the kit provided piece of material that is meant to rep[resent leather. On the right a scrap from a length (1500 x 100mm) that I got got a couple of bucks at our local haberdasher, Spotlight. So if anyone is wanting a scrap of brown leather looking material, I'm your man.
20230809 5.JPG


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