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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
This happened about 10 miles from where I live - he filled a balloon up with acetylene...

"A couple looking to have a blast at a Super Bowl celebration Sunday got more than they bargained for when a balloon filled with explosive gas blew up inside their car while they drove to the party.
The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office got several calls at about 11:45 a.m. about a possible explosion or car accident in the 4500 block of South Santa Fe Drive.

What Deputy Mike Reed found when he arrived at the scene was a car with blown out windows, outwardly-bent doors and a roof "pushed about 12 inches higher than normal," according to an Arapahoe County press release.
Sheridan police contacted the couple at their home at 3670 South Grove St., and they were taken to Swedish Medical Center for possible shrapnel injuries and broken ear drums. They told police they had a balloon of an unknown size filled with acetylene — an explosive gas — that they planned to blow up at the party to celebrate.

Norman Frey, 46, was identified as one of the passengers. The name of the woman was not available. They could face criminal charges for possession of explosives or an incendiary device, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said."
You know, we have tens of cases each New Year's Eve (not restricted to that day only...) when allways some cretins blow off their limbs with explosives... But this is quite unique idiotism. :lol:
We have a day like that too, we called it Bonfire Night (5th November) - celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes in attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament (Why we celebrate it, I'll never know) ... many an idiot blows his face off, or arm with the fireworks.

And oh yes ... fuckin' retards! I hope they charge 'em.
Here's the car!


This guy is a real snapper head!!!
Hah! But that's not true. Britain has stopped many terrorist attacks in recent years. The IRA were foiled more times than they care to remember. And this new breed of idiot terrorists have been foiled more times than they can count.
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Wow, I dont even think Hussars would do something like that! :lol:
I agree, he would of been wearing ear protection and driving a van!

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