around the world trip planning

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Airman 1st Class
Oct 18, 2005
Bedfordshire, England
For my year out i am planning to go around the world for a year. I am looking for any infomation on air museams like old warden, flying planes of a simmiler age, jets dont interest me or individual aeroplanes in the following countrys:
· Usa
· Canada
· Peru
· New Zealand
· Australia
· Beijing
· Moscow
· Ste Petersburg
· Spain
· Denmark
· Czech Republic
I would prefer to go and visit little known collections rather than huge ones. Even individual Aeroplanes. Any help/suggestions i would greatly apreciate.
It also depends on where in the USA you are going. It's a huge country and to see all of the good air museums in the US, you would need at least a year in the USA alone. There is a short list of North American air museums at:

Ones that I would highly recommend off the top of my head:

Air Force Museum- Wright Patterson AFB, Fairborn Ohio

Planes of Fame- Chino California (There are three air museums in Chino)

Pima Air Museum- Pima, Arizona

Of course, if you get out to Camarillo, let me know when, and I can give you the big tour of our CAF museum.
witin 30 miles of niagara falls is a pretty good selection of flying a/c canadian warbird heritage has a flying lanc to which they are adding a flying blenheim(bolingboke) and lysander and a gentlemen nearby has a flying 109e
spit 9 and hurricane and just across border in us the original home of bell and curtiss with a p39 and possibly a p63 and p40
and within a 2 hour drive theres a halifax being restored a swordfish
Evanglider i may just take up your offer on a tour at your place. I will let you know closer to the time exactlly the date. I am realy looking for the smaller less known collections or even individual aeroplanes.
pb is right - been there!

Wright Pat, and the Smithsonian in DC - Excellent when you're in the USA

Get with Eric though - he'll hook you up and will also be able to point out other places in Southern California - You'll need a month to see them all!
That's up at Trenton, isn't it? Only static though, but still amazing.[/quote]\
yeah they dragged it up from the depths of some norwegian lake or fiord can't see them making it flyable
No problem Ollie. As long as I know a bit in advance, I can plan accordingly. If the Jeep is running, I might be able to take you down the airport to see the T-28s that are in abundance near the old alert hangars.
Thak you all. Once i know more specificaly ewhere i will be in the us i will let you know. I plan to visit this coming summer and do camp america but then go on to visit as many air museams as i can. Espesialy old rhinebeck, due to having a great love of realy old aeroplanes.
Well if you hit the German go to the Sinsheim Museum. It is a large collection which you did say you are not interested in but it has a very large selection of WW2 aircraft including many Luftwaffe fighters and some of there secret aircraft.
I can do Europe during half terms etc so i may visit that one sooner than my round the world trip. Is there a websie for it?

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