Aust Model Expo (Melb) 2007

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Hi Guys, back from the Expo with Lots of Pics to share.

First up is My Fw190A-5, have to share again even though some will have already seen it previously. Placed first in the Open Large Scale Aircraft category. Very pleased with this win as second and third were VERY good as you will soon see and deserving winners as well.

Here are the first 2 shots...


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  • Fw190A5wb_6593.JPG
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Guys a big thankyou for your comments.

I have some bad news about more pics, the other night after putting the pics on my laptop and doing some review and sorting them out I then posted the first 2 that you have seen......then my laptop CRASHED, minutes before hooking up my backup external hard drive to save the additions and changes. It is currently being dealt with but the prognosis is not looking good at this stage for recovery. My fingers are crossed but not holding out much hope.
I'm really sorry guys! I had quite a few to share.
Wayne, I'm assuming when you say Large Scale, you're talking 1/32? not 1/48. trying to gauge the size with stuff in background. awesome looking FW! Detail and paint and weathering are superb!
Hi guys, well....GOOD NEWS!! all the praying and finger crossing worked,the pictures have been recovered just got my laptop back and immediately transfered them to the back up drive and the main computer.Still have to reload software and get the internet working on laptop, so kicked my daughter off the computer so I could get started posting more images...

Ok a couple more of my 1/32 Fw190A-5, I will put the scale on as we go along, the only change made from the Adelaide Show and Melbourne was to switch the wheels to the correct 'spoked' version for the A-5 (Eagle Editions resin set)


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Thanks Guys, Wurger stay tuned there are images of the Fulcrum to come...

This next one is the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C, this one placed second.


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