Baby Odessas

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    I know many of you are fans of aquariums, and the various fish you have. So I thought I would mention the surprise I had of seeing two young - estimate now about a month old - baby Odessa Barbs in the 3 feet tank.

    The 'parent's are several years old by now, at the time when I bought four of them, I also had four Black Ruby Barbs - but one by one, the other barbs were 'killed off' to leave the current two. The other fish are too small to be a 'threat' to the Odessas so they get left alone.
    I had always avoided the Tiger Barbs - because of they reputation for fin nipping etc, had Rosy, Cherry, and Black Ruby. But the colouration of the Odessa was too tempting.

    Anybody else have similar problems with Odessas?

    In all honesty I have probably been negleting the tank (I think the fish spawned not long after I clieaned it, and gave them clean water), been concentrating more on the outside goldfish pond. There I have something like two dozen young fish (from last year's spawnings) - watching and waiting for them to change colour - only three have so far!?

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