Black Thursday Stukas

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Feb 19, 2007
Southern New Jersey
Several references I have on the Scweinfurt raid of Oct. 14, 1943 mention air-to-air bombing by Ju87 Stukas. Is this even possible? Could a Junkers keep pace with a B-17 and drop a bomb on it?

I know this was tried with jabo Bf 109s but I've never heard about it being used by fixed gear dive-bombers!
Yer Right. just my stupid misuse of terminology! :oops:

I knew it was with a bf 109 and Knoke ... and I believe he had a partner who was killed before it could be used. They did some practice runs, etc.
Cive ... I think it was used afew times and then abandoned. I believe they used a timed fuse and when it went off, frags would hit the bombers. The few times it worked several bombers were damaged. But again, too much effort for too little return. :|

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