**** DONE: 1/48 F6F-5P VF-88 Yorktown - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Thanks guys.......

Painted the canopy, the rivets aren't so bad. Just don't try to linem all up, they're all over the place. But, yah gotta take risks to improve, eh?

Just thought I would throw one in with the engine since it's gonna get all covered up.


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6 pages of catch-up aaaaannnndddd done. Looking sharp Bill. Many posts ago you mentioned spacing the rivets out more evenly. There is a tool out there that looks like a metal ruler but has rivet spacing. It's only a straight edge but someone with your engineering-like mind could find a way to transfer the patterns to curves.

Thanks guys, your comments are much appreciated.......

I been mucking around with the clearance lights, lost one so am having to scratch that side with a piece of clear sprue. It's bl00dy fiddley.

Thinking about the markings wanting to do something a bit different, I ran across a photo of an RR plane tangled in the safety net..... That's the one I want to do!!!!!! So I've done some artwork and will try hand cutting the mask and spray paint them.......

I am going to assume, for the moment, that the order of number and letter are reversed side to side so the number is closest to the star and bar?????? I can rearrange them still. No RR on the tail!

Anybody know how this might have been for sure???????
If I do something this different I want to get it right.....


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