**** DONE: 1/48 F6F-5P VF-88 Yorktown - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Here you go Bill. Plus one of the tail wheel.


Now that tail end view, up the bum is what I am looking for.... tanks Andy.

So I've cut out the bottom camera access door and made one to sling open.
Wiring the engine now.

And crying in my rum n coke over the 5 point loss, and they blew a chance to win, of the SF49ers to them other ones!


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Good stuff so far Bill. Here's a few detail shots I took at Duxford, which might help with the wing fold etc.
Some look the same, but are at slightly different angles.


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Beaudy shots Terry. I've relented to Not doing the wing fold, just too much to try and scratch and the aftermarket parts are too expensive. This thing is soo big at 48th. I saw the F-4E at a swap meet Sunday at 48th!!!!!!!!!!! It's 56 feet long!!!!! I'll have to do one at 72nd, another Davidson pilot, VF-143 Viet Nam USS Constellation. I digress.

Wiring the engine the kit PE wires were too short and too weak looking, so I went with some of the .4mm solder I had gotten a long while back. PE works ok for 1/72nd but not 48th scale. I drilled little .5mm holes at the plug locations. Dipped the ends in thick super glue and let them set in place, then bent them over, pre-measured one first then cut them all to length, and stuck them in a hole where the harness ring would be. When All the wiring was done I glued them all at the ring. Solder is just soooo much easier to use for wiring.

And like so many of the others, She walks by and asks "who's gonna see it"????
Next the wheel wells.


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Well, I've gone through a pile of stuff and the only F6F-5P photo I can find is from VF-85 on Shangri-La, probably taken as the war was ending, see below. VF-85 was an F4U squadron (as was VBF-85), but the photo section (2 planes) and the night fighter sections (6 planes) were F6Fs, -5Ps and -5Ns respectively.

USN Photo
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Top stuff Bill, very impressive!

Good reference shots as well, good stuff Andy and Terry.
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Thanks guys. I'm applying everything I have learned on here to date. Using an F6F-3 that Rodney Williams has posted online on a large scale forum as reference for details as well.

I was going to attack the wheel wells but I think it would be a bit of overkill, "who would see it anyway"!

I am removing the pins for the gear door to the legs tho, and adding a more realistic plate. The photos Terry posted are magic for this. I'm trying to do the bits outside the cockpit, otherwise I'll get all tied up in it and not want to do these bits.

So, I sailor on.
Good work there Bill.
Andy, if you can't find any thin solder. let me know and I'll send you a packet of the 'Plus Model' .3mm lead wire (basically solder). they do it in a number of gauges, from .2mm upwards, and it's fairly cheap.
Thanks for that photo Arrrrh!

I cropped and enhanced and it's difficult to see if there is a camera hole behind the trailing edge of the wing. It would be just to the right of the line indicating the foot holes. There seems to be a little shadow there.

If they are 5P's, I was wondering if they did in fact use the aux fuel tank or not, mainly to put one on mine. The thing about the kit tank is that it is missing the seam between the halves, but is easy to put a piece of card in there and then trim when dry. Done That before. And these appear to still have the wing guns, which I do have a photo of another to confirm this.

Thanks for posting the photo Rrrrr!


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