**** DONE: 1/48 F6F-5P VF-88 Yorktown - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Copper wire - got lots of that in lots of gauges but solder or lead wire is much nicer to work with. Terry, I found the Plus Model website and will file it. Thanks for the tip.
I found the small gauge solder on eBay, if this helps. You have to be a bit careful tho. It bends SO easy, and you can pinch it apart with the tweezers if too much pressure is applied.

Anyway, I have started on the tank. Attaching a piece of .2mm styrene and filling the obscene holes with block and rough trimming . I will finish trimming to size when the halves are together.

I'm showing the steps for making the little cradles for the gear strut to the door. 1, punched a hole the size of the strut. 2, filed around one half of them for the depth. 3. used a tiny square file to extend the sides and 4, cut them off. I took off the band on the backsides of the struts, then glued them in place at three of the bands. Just a bit more detail, and not much time to spend on it for the amount of effect.

Finishing the tank next.


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Thanks Paul.

And now they are pretty much done. Cept I need to put the filler cap on tank, and brake lines on the struts.

Now on to sumpin else.


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Good stuff Bill.
Andy, check the prices and let me know what they are. I can get the Plus Model stuff for very low cost at my LHS, and send it over if you'd like, at no charge. (it really isn't worth trying to send an IMO for such a low value!) And they also do lead sheet, which iris can get for me within a few days.
Well I think I'm gonna hafta go back on the F.2b or I'll never get it done.

Meanwhile I have put the brake lines on the legs of this one, and did the camera to sit outside with the Photographers Mate under the plane. Paint it black and put a lense in it is all, and the lock tabs.

I sailor on.


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I agree, it looks the biz Bill. Needs a film magazine though, and the colour was normally a mid grey on the lens body, in a 'crackle' finish, like most of the Bell and Howell equipment, with the magazine either a slightly lighter grey shade, or sometimes satin black.
There were combinations though, where the upper (cast alloy) body was grey, with the lens housing barrel black, and magazine as above.
Whoa, did you scratch build that camera? Details please!

Simple Andy.
Just used a piece of styrene tube for the lens barrel then glued and stacked some styrene sheet to the diameter of the barrel. glued the barrel to the face of the stack then cut the angles to the shape of the can. Filed the stack down to the diameter and finished with sand paper to smooth. Then I used my exacto saw and cut the back off and inserted a piece of sheet for the join of the back to front piece, the flange, then glued these back together and filed to shape the flange. Little pieces of sheet for the small blocks where the cam locks are.

I'm still doing a bit more to it. The flat plate on top of the can is another layer thick to be flush with the flange. A couple of post ends stick out on the back film holder and a crank to wind and rewind the film. Then a couple of couplings for the electric controls. I may have cables snaking up in thru the hatch under the plane, dunno yet.

The photos I have show a gray camera, and another all black, or gray and black as described above. They were not little hand held jobs!


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