**** DONE: GB-57 1/72 Blenheim MK1 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Dec 6, 2005
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User name: Bustedwing
First name : Graham
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Modelcraft
Model type: Blenheim MK1
Aftermarket decals. Scratch build details.

I have had this kit for Oh so long I'm not sure how I wound up with it. Only kit I've ever seen from " Modelcraft" It's a pretty lame kit as far as detail. Akin somewhat to the old Airfix "in a Baggie" kits except this one comes with two baggies containing two kits. Plus, decals for two versions. RAF and Yugoslav. Not waning to trust the decals I searched Hannants and found these decals for Norwegian versions which were colorurful so I sent off for them. Not sure what version I'll build,, more than likely the one with the most different colours !

Bleneim (1)r.jpg



Well I have lived here pretty much all of my life. According to the box and phone number Modelcraft is based in Burnaby. I phoned the number. Out of service. This is the first and only Modelcraft kit I have seen despite building models as a kid all through the 70s. It's been sitting on my shelf at least 30 years ! Finally have a good excuse to take a crack at it.
That's a golden oldie alright, and I will follow this with interest. I love those "purposeful" looking Bristol twins. (The Finns might object to being described as Norwegian though, especially with them bendy crosses involved ;) )
Ok here we go. Started by removing all the ugly bits in the fuselage and adding the wing spar. I plan to scratch build a decent looking cockpit as the kit supplies a flat bit with a seat, a hole for the control column and a piece for the gauges with no detail or decal.

Blenheim MK1 (2)r.jpg

Blenheim MK1 (4)r.jpg

Blenheim MK1 (5)r.jpg

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