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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
fess up, where are you?

According to that I'm close to 20 lbs overweight...

But I'm in shape! Round's a shape, right?!?
Im 6'6" and weigh 230 lbs, which is 104 kilos, and that chart says Im overweight, which is Bullshit.... I have ripped abdominals, a low bodyfat %, I excercise daily, and go to Bushidokan classes twice a week.... There is no way anyone would ever say Im overweight....

That chart is bogus for one reason and one reason only..... There is no age modifiers....

And Erich, ur a freak of nature man, so ur measurements dont count...
man I'm bummed ;) ................ Les no kidding you are no-way pudding man. many charts use scare tactic principles to set accordnace and then for those that worship crap like this mass paranoia sets in, end result, why bother and become a blumbering mass of goop or the other extreme, anorexic. One such case a daughter of a freind of my wife. thank God that beautiful kid got help as in on the mend

beauty is more than skin deep ............. ride your ass off !!
I'm a fat one also according to that bogus chart if Iweighed what they said I'd be a stick man at 6'5" i weigh 225 or 195cm 110kg and I'm not sure about stoned
I'm OK.
I'm not stoned.
And here is a small joke.


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