**** FINISHED: 1/144 Kawanishi H6K2-L - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Jan 12, 2010
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Once this plane is dedicated to my good friend Lluis, Lluisop, who gave it to me knowing that this plane is on the list of upcoming adesiones my little collection, is on you.

is my third plane in all my years on this scale is frankly very tasty and the work it worth the lack of details or the impressive depth of the lines of the panels, the result obviously is not what I would have liked more, wanted me I expected to reach a special resin to make water, but to the total ineptitude Spanish postal service I run out of the package and it was returned to the target, (United States), so i had to do it in the fastest way, with silicone windows.

I hope and I think that it valued the plane and not the electrocardiogram it is not the same as a plane in a scene that the plane without more, the scene did not have to make this scale transport a car, or place it in as it comes in the kit with a stand to place as if flying.

do not complicate life with more stories to not sleep ...... pics, and to the other ......







one more of present

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Jan 12, 2010
Please tell us what you used for water and how you used it.

Of course bill.

It is a technique that Mr. pedro (for my one great modeller Spanish) taught me, first imitating the surface is painted the background, I use sand clear and dark sea green to mimic the rocks with seaweed, then put the silicone is allowed dry time until the surface is dry, (I leave less than half a day but had to leave something else), then with a piece that comes from side to side (at the longest), it becomes the way water at home, I made a choppy sea, many waves followed and certain height, but can be done with smaller waves, let him finish a whole day to dry, dry and diluted turquoise 10-90 (10 paint 90 paint), I light coats to make the color of the surface, leaving unpainted sites for two reasons (I explain later), let the paint dry and give it a coat of glossy acrylic lacquer, acrylic for any reason not hit much if anything in the silicone so we can choose where we will have another different brightness, noon dries more.
The crashing of the waves, to make the waves breaking with a little silicone gives it a way that makes peaks (the same silicone as it does only give the correct angle), and the other to make the effect as if the light entering the water is clearer and you can see more of the background piece, let dry again another day, once dry, with white also quite diluted and given very broad brush in the area you want , I do for saturation, (undrained brush is applied to the area you want to give and is spreading where you do the foam), so the paint is applied in the recesses and is like inside , is repeated as many times as necessary to make the effect of breaking waves.
To finish given coats of varnish, I use acrylic satin varnish for the surf and shine for the rest, about these once dry with bright wood varnish (s enamel), avoiding giving areas with satin varnish for water plane hull drains did with wood glue transparent, given the form of layers to shape, let it dry finish to give it the shape, then painted the same way as the turquoise water jet longer and target for shorter

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