Forum Problems Thread

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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
Noted Problems:
Search New Posts - No username [FIXED]
Changing Avatar [FIXED]
Quote Button - Quick Reply Box [FIXED]
Number of Posted Pictures

Username Current Colors - Please suggest what colors you would like

Please included problems your noticed.
Also, the Admins are now in the color of Support Team...

And on the main Forum page, the legend showing the representative color should match what posistions are currently filled... There are no Moderators or any of that other crap....

Can u change the legend to match our correct positions??
Excellent color change and I see u got the quote gimmick figured as well.... Excellent...

Did u know that Bubba The Love Spongue is on Sirius Sat???

BTW, thanks for the hard work in getting the Site updated, and for hosting it in general... Saves me from having to talk to the wife for 2 more hours per day...
hahah, np
have spent many hours over last few days on this, but it needed to be updated, and should be cleaner overall. I think most bugs or isssues have been worked out.
I dont like the way you can access the forum via the larger the whole area for each forum if you get what I mean...Just clicking the name on the smaller links was better...
Thanks for all this great work you are doing for us Horse. Sadly though I have noticed when uploading pictures that after posting they are not in the same sequence as they have been loaded, this happened to me last night. This is quite noticeable in Sunny's Vidio Photo thread when looking at post 3674 and the elephant sequence.
Horse, I second that, thanks for all your work and I know that you are trying to get all the new software functioning. I would just like to know if you are going to or can bring back "My Replies" function the Profile > Find all Posts route is not the same. I does not show ALL posts, just to 27/feb and it does not show whether responses have been made to that thread.

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