well my PC is giving me problems again ..........

March 3-6, 2006

Aces High Gallery in Wendover, Bucks England.

Signing of ? books, paintings, whatever or so I here. German night fighter ace Peter Spoden will be attending and last word to me he is trying to get his good friend RK winner Karl Johnanssen to show up as well. am going to assume some important RAF personalities will also be attendance........

you English chaps make it a point to show up or else ................. and wish my friends a hearty Hello from Erich ~


the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
you guys from England get your butts over there and take pics, video and get
some of your books singed as this maybe the last time these three German lufties get together in the publics eye. Spoden, Bahr und Johanssen.

wish I could make it myself.

be there ! that's an order 8)

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