GB #17 Jet age / Recon / Transport Question

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The Hs. 123 was a close support and dive bomber aircraft. It would fit better in the "Heavy Hitters" GB that is coming up soon.
Just my opinion.
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Igor, if you have specific info on an Hs 123 used in the recon role, I'd say ok, otherwise echo Paul's comment...

That said, she's one of my favourite aircraft, so hope to see her here or in the 'heavy hitters' build!
She'll be in one GB :D just gotta figure out which one she fits. I had info. that some of the German Hs-123s was used as recon/dive bombing but I've lost the site and looking everything over now theres only info. on them being dive bombers as stated :D Shes pretty much one of the only biplanes where you don't have to do serious rigging work and the lines on her are fantastic, my fav. Biplane :) would of been amazing if they still kept producing her.

They had planed to-restart the production but then a hick up arrised (I can't recal if the factory was hit or if the plans got torched in an air raid) but still interesting little one :)
Ahoy Fellas
I have a Messerschmitt 163B-1a Komet I know this will fit it dont get any earlier then that I,ll get stareted on it when the GB.17 gets going takiing a rest from the Thud........
Is the me-163 the 1/32 Hasegawa kit? I've got one I could start for too, egh now too many options for this GB :D hehehe
He's doing a paper one Igor. Why not jump in with yours?

I've gone from no choices, to too many :S Me-262 two seater, Me-163, He-162, Ho-229

If were allowed "proposed" aircraft I could even put in a Me-262 Mistel :D but I'll leave her for Start to Finish build, shes a pretty huge project to under take for a GB.

What to do, what to do :D hehe

For this GB I'll probobly go with the Ho-229 and then if theres enough time he-162 :)
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hmm one more question, if lets say these aircrarft were institued in WW2, yet were tested post war (ie Russian He-162, Me-163, US Me-262) are they allowed in the gb in those markings and considered as "eary jet age"
Cool, more scheme options... go for it Igor!
(And if Andy agrees with what Terry said that Wayne said that I said that Paul said, then that's cool by me :) )

My news:
We've decided to postpone the move for a time, until a definite position becomes available somewhere. So I now have more options.
Fingers crossed and touch wood Evan!

Now, if I can find inspiration, strength a spark, anything, I might join with this one....

RAAF A-24 Catalina;

A24-13, C/N 307;

Delivered by Qantas as VH-AFN 19/09/41.
11 Sqn 16/11/41.
MIA 24/02/42, Rabaul.

SQNLDR Ern Beaumont (Pilot),
PLTOFF Michael Evans (2nd Pilot),
SGT Ray Richardson, (2nd Wireless Op/Air Gunner),
CPL Ray Adams (1st Engineer),
LAC Max Berghouse (2nd Engineer),
LAC George Formby (1st Wireless Op),
LAC Clive Grainger (Rigger),
AC1 Leonard Farrands (Armour).

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