GBs 50 thru 57 - Finalized Schedule

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Nov 16, 2008
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Calls for input on the next batch of group builds have now closed and the resulting final schedule and theme descriptions are presented below. The sequence of the 8 themes was determined by a random selection, rather than by order of popularity, with the one exception being that the theme for GB 50 (Zombie Build) was placed first by popular demand.

May 1 to September 5, 2021 GB 50 "Zombie Build"

The theme of this Group Build is to resume and finish any aircraft model that was started and abandoned, whether in a previous GB or not. The model must be an aircraft but can be any type representing any time frame. For the benefit of those "few" who are genetically predisposed to finish what they started, and who therefore have no started-but-unfinished kits, this GB will be open to include any aircraft model that has not been started.

August 1 to December 5, 2021 GB 51 "No Propellers"

This Group Build will be for any aircraft kept in the air by anything other than propellers. Jets, rocket-powered aircraft, and gliders are included. This category covers any era of aviation.

November 1, 2021 to March 6, 2022 GB 52 "WW2 Heavy Hitters"

This Group Build will be for any aircraft in WW2 service that was designed and used primarily as a level bomber. Fighters equipped with bombs or rockets, torpedo aircraft, and dive bombers are excluded from this theme. While it is recognized that many bomber aircraft went on to serve in other roles (e.g. Ju-88 as Night Fighter, Mosquito as Fighter-Bomber, etc) this build is intended to display such aircraft in their bombing role only.

February 1 to June 5, 2022 GB 53 "WW2 Eastern Front"

This Group Build is for any aircraft serving on the WW2 Eastern Front between the start of Operation Barbarossa (June 22, 1941) and the German surrender in Berlin (2 May, 1945). The theatre includes operations in Northern Finland during the same time. Any aircraft type serving with any of the nations involved in that time frame are included.

May 1 to September 4, 2022 GB 54 "Pacific Theatre 1937 to 1945"

This Group Build is for any military aircraft of any nation involved in the Pacific Theatre of Operations between 1937 and the fall of Japan in 1945. The arena is large and can include the China/Burma/India (CBI) theatre, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Bering Sea, South Pacific, and SW Pacific areas. Land theatres and battles in the region (Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, Guadalcanal, Aleutian Islands, etc.) are also included.

August 1 to December 4, 2022 GB 55 "Mediterranean Theatre"

This Group Build is for aircraft serving in the MTO of WW2. The area includes Greece, Italy, Gibraltar North Africa, Sicily, Malta, Crete, and the Middle East.

November 1, 2022 to March 5, 2023 GB 56 "Thunderbolts and Lightnings"

This Group Build is for P-38s and P-47s as they served in WW2 and also in many post-war roles. For example, after WW2, P-38's went on to air-racing and civilian roles and the P-47 served with ANG units and in Latin America until the mid-50s.

February 1 to June 4, 2023 GB 57 "WW2 Foreign Service"

This Group Build will be for any aircraft built in one country and used by another. Examples include American Spitfires, RAF Mustangs, etc. Aircraft built under license in another country and used by the home country are not considered meeting the spirit of this GB (e.g. Canadian built Lancasters or Mosquitoes in the RAF). This GB will include aircraft carrying the markings of a capturing country provided that the capture actually occurred. No "What-ifs" will be allowed. Also, for the purposes of this GB, independent Air Forces serving under the overarching command of another country (e.g. RCAF , SAAF under RAF command) will be allowed in this GB.

EDIT: End dates revised to land on Sundays
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Excellent Andy, a big thank you for the effort !!!
Yep, thank you Andy.
Greatly appreciated and thanks for all the work

Thought I would just steal some lines!
Andy, you da man!

I have even learned something, I now know where the Eastern Front was!!!!!!:rolleyes:
Not only That.......... but I have found, wait for it....................
Victor Iosifiovich Davidkov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later to be; Colonel General Victor Iosifovich Davidkov recipient of "Honoured Military Pilot of the USSR"! LaGG3, La-5, La-7.
Will wonders never cease? :salute:
Efforts appreciated!!!
Now -
50 - Got to find something that has a pilot seat that I can paint now and put away.
51 - Get over my dislike for non-prop craft; find an early German one??
52 - Clear off some shelf area. These birds will have to take the room of two FWs!
53 - Beg for some guidance on just what qualifies, aircraft wise, for this one?
54 - and on - Hope I'm still skilled enought to build anything, or still here?
Efforts appreciated!!!
Now -
50 - Got to find something that has a pilot seat that I can paint now and put away.
51 - Get over my dislike for non-prop craft; find an early German one??
52 - Clear off some shelf area. These birds will have to take the room of two FWs!
53 - Beg for some guidance on just what qualifies, aircraft wise, for this one?
54 - and on - Hope I'm still skilled enought to build anything, or still here?

Thanks Ralph. Typically someone starts a thread a few weeks before the start of each GB to begin discussions about what qualifies and what people plan to enter. That would be the best time to have your question about GB 53 discussed and answered.
Well done, and thank you Andy for the hard work and patience👍

A great result in terms of the finalised themes for the next batch of GBs. I should be able to contribute at least one build for each of them.

Looking forward to it 😁

Cheers Greg
I think I've found the candidate for the GB50 Zombie build? Picked this up at my local hobby store; off their 'consignment' rack. $10 (US) seemed like a great deal, which I bartered down to $8. I had looked inside and saw that it was a started kit, perfect! I was assured by the HS owner that the previous kit owner is a very skilled modeler and to not worry about the work already done. Other than having to determine any UN-obvious L/R parts I thought $8, what the heck! Someone sure saved me a lot of sprue cutting and cleanup. As an extra, I have a set of masks for a CM Colondale (windscreen and and glass). Nothing seems to be missing. As you can see though the inside of the box has been compromised. Probably detailing the Colondale? Is this going to qualify; an adopted Zombie?

Me509 box.jpg

Me509 contents.jpg

Me509 sprues.jpg
What a fantastic idea!! I did follow some links that have more views to this build as well as a link to the builders 'build', but you need to be registered on to see more; maybe later. I was not thrilled with having to camo the model with what is depicted in the instructions. Who came up with those since it was never commissioned? Especially that red 'spirally' nose! I've only done one other bare metal kit, it turned out OK but not sure if it would be GB worthy. I see in the Sachsenhofer links that he seems to have started with a gloss black primer(?). I had used Taymia paint, X-11 (chrome silver) or XF-16 (flat aluminum). I think the XF-16 since it was less 'silvery'? However, since I have wandered off the Taymia path, using some Vallejo, I am open to any suggestion on brands for the bare metal (acrylics only though) that will be GB worthy. I'll also assume there were no 'official' markings that would be required? I see there are two 'paints' happening in the photos? Could one be a kind of bare metal matching grey (fusalage - cockpit area and wing roots)?

Trumpeter's 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Me 509 by Roland Sachsenhofer

Me509 Port R.jpg
Me509 Starboard F.jpg
I bought these two Vallejo sets, lots of range.



On my P-51 I used six different silver shades and all would not show up in one shot. For the Me 503 shot above, you could black base just certain panels, leave the rest grey and that would show a difference. You can also spray the entire airframe silver and then do a lot of masking to spray multiple silver shades. Some stuff here about Vallejo
Vallejo Metal Color Review for Miniature Painters - FauxHammer
Interesting. So the use of the 'color set,' along with selective black undercoat, would depict the variations in the material used? Interesting!

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